Welcome to Woofles

Hello, I'm Kat and these are my two dogs, Stump and Elf.

Having been frustrated for many years with the quality of harnesses available for our dogs and finding myself with not much to do at the beginning of maternity leave in 2018, I set to work researching not only dog accessories available on the market but also the physiology and movement of our four-legged friends. It didn’t take long to realise that designing super high quality, secure and comfortable accessories that wouldn’t negatively affect our dogs’ shoulders and delicate necks was an achievable possibility. This is when “Woofles” became more than just a nickname for our dogs, it became my dream.

It took many months to identify an exceptional manufacturer to work with and a lot of prototype creation and testing on Stump & Elf before I was entirely satisfied with Dual AirMesh harness. I took all the things that I wasn't happy with on products already on the market and improved them. I chose vibrant and stylish colours so that our customers would not only be super safe but look great too.

I was so proud that Woofles quickly become a favourite with dog owners across the UK, receiving hundreds of 5* reviews. My dream was coming true!

With the same stringent prototype testing, we’ve since released the Endurance harness, Max Comfort Leads and matching ID Tags and in Summer 2021 we will be expanding the current collections with collars and poo bag holders as well as launching two brand new patterned collections; the Luxe Pattern range.

From our little base in the Essex countryside, we look forward to kitting your pup out with our dog accessories that are “the ultimate in safety and comfort.”

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @wooflesuk and post your gorgeous pooches in their Woofles gear on our Facebook page. 

Thank you for helping make my dream become reality! ❤️

Kat xx


P.S This wonderful portrait was done by Victoria at UltraVioletPrints